Logitech takes the wraps off backlit keyboard case and protective cover for iPad Pro

It’s rarely wise to choose third-party accessories for devices as “particular” and versatile as the iPad Pro over those designed by the gigantic tablet’s manufacturers specifically for use alongside it and functionality enhancements, but Logitech is often the exception that proves the rule.

The Switzerland-based peripheral specialist’s iPad keyboards and cases are among the best you can find, fitting the iPhones’ larger brothers like gloves, greatly improving productivity and protection against scratches or drops, not to mention generally providing cheaper alternatives to Apple-made accessories.

The same goes for the convolutedly named Logi Create Backlit Keyboard Case with Smart Connector and Logi Create Protective Case with AnyAngle Stand, both of which have gone on sale stateside just as iPad Pro availability commenced by no coincidence.

The two aren’t exactly bargains, at $150 and $80 respectively, yet the Smart Keyboard costs $169, while the Smart Cover and Silicone Case go for $59 and $79, competing the Logi Protective Case only together.

Furthermore, the Logi Keyboard Case stands out (pun intended) with adjustable backlighting, typing and viewing modes, as well as a larger footprint than the Smart Keyboard, put to great use via flawlessly spaced keys and an extra function row full of convenient iOS shortcuts including Home, Search, Media and Volume controls, on, off, sleep and wake features.

Like its direct rival, the external keyboard case snubs Bluetooth reliance in favor of a Smart Connector allowing it to pair to the iPad Pro instantly, and stay charged with the tablet’s help.

As for the Logi Create Protective Case, it’s basically the same thing, minus the actual keyboard and some bulk, but capable of propping the iPad Pro up at any angle, for gaming, browsing, multimedia playing and stylus sketching.

Source: Logitech Blog
Via: The Verge

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