iPad Pro teardown reveals foam, glue and poor repair tolerances

The good people at iFixit have taken to the teardown treatment to the latest Apple tablet just released today: the iPad Pro.

Some of the major points:

  • The screen is tethered, like the iPhone, to the center of the device, not hinged to the edge of the device.
  • The self-balanced speakers consists of the drivers and resonance chambers that have actually been cut into the backplate of the iPad Pro
  • Foam is used to cap the the speaker units. Mmm, stuffing.
  • LG-competitor SK Hynix produces the RAM modules, dual 2GB units.
  • Toshiba provides 32GB NAND storage.
  • For the first time, there are adhesive pull tabs underneath the batteries of the iPad. The iPhone’s had these ever since the 5s.
  • Speaking of, we see a pair of batteries that are marked at 10.3Ah (38.8W)
  • The Smart Connector port has no moving parts. Good news, since the iFixit team can’t seem to move the port.
  • Lots and lots of glue.

Overall, the iPad Pro gets a 3 out of 10 in repairability. Compared with previous iPads, all these feature changes we’ve seen basically amount to the status quo in terms of repairability. Well, except for the iPhone 6s. That was decent.

Source: iFixit
Via: Cult of Mac

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