New Apple TV confirmed to ship this month, Apple Music has 6.5M paying customers

Apple CEO Tim Cook has a reputation for keeping things as vague as possible in his non-keynote public appearances, very rarely revealing concrete information on unreleased products, and almost never tackling sales numbers of existing devices.

Staying true to his principles, the Cupertino head honcho once again refused to disclose the box-office results of the Apple Watch thus far at the recent Wall Street Journal Digital Live conference, insisting that would “help the competition”, as it is “competitive information.” What he did say was that his company “shipped a lot the first quarter, then last quarter shipped even more”, and it’s safe to predict “this quarter we will ship even more.”

Interesting assertion, given market researchers noticed a decline in demand, although it does make sense to sell more, as key US retail players join the availability party.

Meanwhile, Tim Cook had no problem conceding early Apple Music adoption scores, which might be interpreted as a sign in itself the service is struggling. Granted, 15 million in total subscribers sounds like a big number, and even 6.5 mil paying users feels remarkable, considering it’s been less than four months since the rollout of the Spotify rival.

But you have to wonder how many canceled subscriptions are on the horizon, and besides, speaking of Spotify, the market veteran reported not long ago over 20 million customers, and 75M+ “active users.”

On an unrelated note, Apple’s Chief Executive Officer also uncovered the launch timeline of another somewhat lower-profile product than iPhones or MacBooks. Yes, the fourth-generation Apple TV set-top box is indeed going on sale by the end of the month, specifically on Monday, with deliveries slated to begin later in the week. What about the iPad Pro? We still have nothing official and set in stone to bring to your attention, unfortunately.

Source: 9To5Mac

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