Major Windows 10 ‘Redstone’ update in the works already, ETA is July 2016


Just because Microsoft radically changed its Windows development approach with version 10’s release, now viewing the “living” OS as a “service”, that doesn’t mean you’ll only be treated to minor, frequent updates going forward.

A 10.1 software makeover of sorts is reportedly in the works, codenamed Redstone, and very credible sources describe it as “what Windows 8.1 was to Windows 8 essentially.” Before this semi-major “feature” update can roll out though, the much less extensive Threshold 2 patch should enter the picture in a few weeks, likely followed by a series of other maintenance tweaks and security fixes.

Threshold 2 is expected to bring to the table everything that wasn’t ready or fully polished for Win 10’s release to manufacturing back in mid-July, including a universal, Skype-integrated Messaging app, and Edge browser extensions.

Then, around a year after the RTM, so in June or July 2016, Redstone shall come to light, and introduce presumably a large number of new functions and goodies, further improving Windows 10’s already hailed productivity, stability, and versatility.

Unfortunately, we have absolutely no idea what might be in store for next summer, since early Redstone development has barely started, following a few months of meticulous planning. But if you must know beforehand what to expect, and like to help shape up “Windows 10.1”, sign up to the Insider Program, and secure early access to test builds.

Source: WinBeta

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