HTC One A9 dummy unit pics further highlight iPhone similarities


It’s most likely called One A9 after being codenamed Aero, it’s definitely breaking cover on October 20, and it eerily resembles an Apple iPhone 6 or 6s. In a nutshell, that’s everything we know for sure about HTC’s next “hero” device.

Hero, mind you, is the way the Taiwanese manufacturer referred to the phone when confirming its announcement date, though it remains unclear if the final specifications will pit it against Samsung’s Galaxy S6 lineup, or something like the Galaxy A8.

Alas, the newest leak, even if extremely generous and revealing from a visual standpoint, doesn’t help answer the mid or high-end question, merely adding fuel to the clone accusation fire. Obviously, what we’re looking at here isn’t an actual, working pre-release prototype, but rather a replica to be soon displayed in AT&T retail locations.

HTC One A9 dummy-2

Still, the “iPhoney” vibe is strong with this one, although to be fair, some design elements the mobile world instantly associates with Apple were used by HTC in the past. Weirdly enough, the iconic front-facing stereo BoomSound speakers are gone, and audio is now conveyed from the handheld’s bottom edge.

The rear camera is centered and more prominent than on the One M8 or M9, the fingerprint sensor probably doubles as a home button, and the corners are round, slightly deviating from the company’s sharp, industrial approach in recent years. Even the lateral SIM and microSD card trays may look familiar to hardcore iFans. Not to mention the top and bottom antenna lines on the back.

HTC is going to need a robust set of specs, aggressive pricing, and a vigorous marketing effort to make Android enthusiasts ignore the striking similarities with the “enemy.”

Source: Twitter

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