Forget dislike button, Facebook might soon get a slew of ‘Reaction’ options

Simply liking social media content is so 2014. The same goes for retweeting, favoriting, sharing, giving +1 votes, or however else kids these days interact with one another online. The future revolves around rapidly expressing a much wider range of emotions, or “reacting” to Facebook posts.

That’s right, the oft-rumored, controversial, and greatly misunderstood “unlike” feature is still on its way, but it’ll allow you to convey a lot more than just a thumbs down. In addition to the traditional “like” button, FB should soon adopt emoticons for sending love, indicating amusement, joy, shock, sadness, and anger.

A smorgasbord of digital feelings is thus in the pipeline, and if there’s anything Pixar’s beautiful “Inside Out” animation has taught us, it’s that you’d be wise to try to find a balance. First, Mark Zuckerberg reportedly wants to test the new “Reactions” in Ireland and Spain starting tomorrow, Friday, October 9.

From there, they may all spread worldwide, or it’s entirely possible a few options will vanish before every Facebook user gets to explore them, depending on feedback. Mind you, none of the above is officially confirmed yet, and the very image containing the empathy-yielding icons was generated based on gossip.

Source: Engadget

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