You can now add the BLU Win HD to the list of Windows 10-ready phones


There’s been a lot of online chatter lately regarding Microsoft’s precise Windows 10 Mobile plans, both as far as new hardware goes, and apropos of old gear that may get left behind once software updates start rolling out.

A shockingly short list of Lumias “ready” to move from Windows Phone 8.1 to build 10 was recently disclosed, but the snubs include such big names it’s obvious it’s not complete, and there’s no reason to despair.

Besides, we wouldn’t blame you for forgetting this, but devices manufactured by other companies should also make the jump before long. Case in point, the decidedly mid-range BLU Win HD, formally confirmed on Twitter as headed for Win 10 “once it’s released.”

The 5-incher literally just turned one, and though the spotlight has never been truly on it, both Microsoft and Amazon continue to sell it at around $130. You get a relatively handsome package for the money, plus decent internals, like a quad-core Snapdragon 200 SoC, 1GB RAM, 2,200 mAh battery and, most importantly, 8GB storage space, ensuring all new system files can be stocked locally.

With a 720p IPS LCD screen also in tow, as well as respectable 8 and 2MP cameras, the BLU Win HD always seemed a safe bet for a vital UI makeover later this fall. Still, it’s nice to receive confirmation, which will probably never come for the smaller, lower-end, 4GB ROM-packing BLU Win Jr.

Source: Twitter
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