iPhone 6s deal wars continue with T-Mobile, FreedomPop

Ante upped. At the outset of the iPhone 6s debut, we saw T-Mobile strike hot iron with an AMPED up Un-carrier upgrade scheme, providing the newest Apple smartphones to the customers who elect to use them at a continuous $15/month lease. Sprint chased that program with its own. T-Mobile jumped back by pricing its more conventional installment plan option for the iPhone 6s at, on average, $7/month less than its competitors. Apple made waves itself by introducing the pricier, but more robust and carrier-independent iPhone Upgrade Program. And now the ball’s back in T-Mobile’s court, with John Legere ready to color the paint pink.

The T-Mobile CEO boasted this evening about being the only Tier One carrier offering the 6s at a discount and also a 30-percent year-over-year increase in iPhone pre-orders. To celebrate, he opened up the floor to trade-in discounts for any 6s purchased on JUMP! on Demand. That’s if you’re giving up your iPhone 6 (or 6 Plus, supposedly) for the deal. You could be paying as little as $5, $10 or $15/month for your new device. More details are promised out of the T-Mobile press room tomorrow.

In less flamboyant, but just as surprising news, Sprint MVNO FreedomPop will begin offering iPhone 6 and 6s financing with prices starting from $20/month. If you have one of the two models you’d like to bring to FreedomPop, the carrier will offer you 5GB of free data for you to use on top of your plan. There’s also a new $19 service plan featuring unlimited talk and text and 1GB of data. iPhoners get the first month free.

All this buzz around iPhone discounts might not place Apple’s name in the headline, but the brand’s definitely being kept top-of-mind by the carriers.

Source: John Legere (Twitter), FreedomPop
Via: MacRumors, PhoneScoop

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