Purported Microsoft Band 2 renders reveal polished design, curved display

If there’s one thing most Microsoft Band users lamented about Redmond’s otherwise solid rookie wearable effort, it was definitely the activity tracker’s questionable sense of style. Sure, some found the cross-platform-supporting device convenient, or unobtrusive (in a good way), but very few could say the Microsoft Band looked pretty. Fashionable. Elegant.

While you may argue inner beauty, affordability and functionality are more important, there’s nothing wrong with trying to stash a robust assembly of sensors into a handsome package. Case in point, the original smart band’s sequel, expected out on October 6 alongside a pair of high-end Lumia phones, and Surface Pro 4 “laplet.”

Microsoft Band 2 rumors have been thin on the ground thus far, especially on the specification front, but a couple of semi-believable press renders leaked over the weekend provide a clear first look at a number of paramount changes and upgrades.


If the imagery pans out, the second-generation fitness tracker will indeed please fashionistas, at least in part, thanks to a curved display, sleek metallic finish, and an overall design that should help with comfort.

The Band 2 looks like it’ll wrap around your wrist much nicer and more natural, no doubt with under-the-hood improvements to similarly revise the user experience. Unfortunately, besides a new sensor for detecting the altitude and environment of your physical exercises, we’re not sure exactly what enhancements to expect.

The hope is the two-day battery will be extended with 24 or 48 hours, and higher water resistance would also be a welcome advance. You probably shouldn’t hold your breath for a screen size or resolution bump, while pricing may circle the same $200 mark as last year.

Source: Microsoft Insider
Via: Windows Central

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