The iPhone 5c is dead, but an 8GB iPhone 5s may soon replace it in emerging markets


While most Apple fans stateside likely forgot all about the plastic-made iPhone 5c as soon as the 6 and 6 Plus went official last year, mobile consumers in countries such as China or India were probably disheartened to see the colorful, low-cost 4-incher axed during the 6s and 6s Plus announcement.

These are people who can’t afford to pay the equivalent of $800 or $900 for a 3D Touch-enabled device, but before long, they may get an offer they can’t refuse on a watered-down iPhone 5s. Don’t worry, we’re not talking major build quality or processing power compromises, just slightly less internal storage space.

Check that, a lot less data hoarding room, namely 8GB, or half the current entry-level 5s configuration. It goes without saying Cupertino remains completely opposed to expandable storage, so instead of a microSD card, you’ll need to go to the cloud for whatever doesn’t fit on your new affordable 4-inch iPhone.

If a rumor originated from an unnamed “supply chain source” pans out, that is, and the 8GB iPhone 5s indeed rolls out to China and India, as well as other emerging markets, by the end of the year. On Indian shores, lagging inventory of the 16GB iPhone 5c costs around Rs 33,000 ($495), while the 16GB 5s goes for Rs 36,000 or so ($540).

Given doubling down on base iPhone 5s storage commands an Rs 7,000 ($105) premium, it’s possible the 8GB variant will be slotted beneath, or worst case scenario, at the same level as a 16 gig 5c config. Does it sound tempting in the least, or would it simply be impossible to make do with just 8GB storage space?

Source: TechOne3

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