Adobe casually drops bombshell, revealing the iPad Pro packs 4GB RAM

To the surprise of no one the least bit familiar with Apple’s marketing tactics, yesterday’s big San Francisco keynote neglected to clear up the air in regards to one very important iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, iPad mini 4, and iPad Pro feature.

iOS has been advertised time and time again as a highly optimized, silky smooth, and frugal platform that doesn’t need the ginormous RAM counts of Android smartphones and tablets to get by. As such, mum was the word during the introduction of the aforementioned iDevice quartet concerning memory.

But hands down the most “professional”, productivity-oriented non-Mac gadget ever released by Cupertino must require north of the iPad Air 2’s 2 gigs of RAM to breeze through various apps that can be run side-by-side.

As it turns out, it does, and Apple may have skipped the incremental 3GB upgrade to leap directly to 4. That’s at least what software giant Adobe is aware of, letting the cat out of the bag in an otherwise tedious announcement of new Creative Cloud mobile apps.

These were demonstrated on the very stage the iPad Pro broke cover, and their “extraordinary speed and precision” splendidly works together with the high-res 12.9-inch 2,732 x 2,048 pixels display, A9X chip, and, surprise, surprise, 4GB RAM.

Yes, Adobe is spelling that out in black and white, and unless the San Jose-based company relies on rumors for the conception of its press releases, which would be highly unprofessional, everything’s now etched in stone.

The iPad Pro’s main rival, of course, offers 4GB memory to start with, at $799 and $899 respectively with 64 and 128GB SSDs. Meanwhile, for $1,149 and up, the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 eclipses most conventional laptops around, plus the iPad Pro, with 8 full gigs of RAM.

Update: Adobe appears to have taken down its claim about iPad Pro RAM altogether. Whether that means it was incorrect, or it simply wasn’t supposed to say anything in the first place, we can’t say.

Source: Adobe
Via: G for Games

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