Apple Music streaming quality hinted at 256kbps

Apple Music has been introduced at this year’s WWDC, in an attempt to lure users over from similar offerings on the market, such as Spotify or Tidal. Apple’s iTunes has an exhaustive collection of music titles, but you already know that if you are an iPhone or iPad user (even if you’re not). While there weren’t too many details about the service unveiled at the keynote, some of them surfaced shortly after.

One question remained unanswered, and that refers to Apple Music streaming quality. While competitors like Spotify or Beats offer high quality streaming (320kbps for premium subscribers), Apple will apparently stream its media to Apple Music users at 256kbps. However, Apple’s been using formats other than MP3 or OGG (AAC to be specific), and, if streaming media will be 256kbps encoded AAC (the quality at which music is currently available in iTunes), it might sound just as good as competitor offerings.

Let us know whether you’re going to try out Apple Music, and, if yes, what Apple Music streaming quality would satisfy you?

Source: Slashgear

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