Nexus rumors return to idea of two phones, but maybe no new tablet

A couple weeks back, we heard a promising rumor for Nexus fans who maybe didn’t love the direction Google went with the phablet-sized Nexus 6, suggesting that this year Google might give us a pair of Nexus phones, and that one of them could be a 5.2-incher by LG – still bigger than both the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5, but a world removed from the Nexus 6’s six-inch screen. Word was that we might get both this LG model and a 5.7-inch Huawei-manufactured phablet, itself the subject of earlier rumors. Now some information on both those handsets has leaked, along with the theory that these could be the only new Nexus devices this year, without a new tablet in the works.

The LG Nexus phone picks up the codename Angler and the possible hardware details of a Snapdragon 808 hexa-core SoC and a 2700mAh battery.

As for the Huawei model, it may be under development with the codename Bullhead and could get both a Snapdragon 810 and a more phablet-sized 3500mAh battery. The source behind this info concedes that the 810 may not be the SoC the phone launches with, changing sometime between now and its anticipated October-ish debut.

Those of you hoping for a new Nexus 9 or even the return of the Nexus 7 might have to keep on waiting, with word that as of a few weeks ago at least, there were no upcoming Nexus tablet plans on Google’s schedule.

Source: Android Police

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