Apple quarter results spell 61M iPhones sold, Macs on a rise, iPads on decline

Apple’s quarter results conference call just ended, and as is customary for Cupertino, numbers continue on a rise. Last quarter Apple broke all of its records by selling a crazy 74.5 million iPhones in just one quarter, building up $74.6 billion in revenue in the process. Apple’s revenue this quarter isn’t as significant when compared to last quarter, but if compared to the same quarter last year, the company broke yet another record.

Apple quarter results claim that it sold 61 million iPhones in the quarter, and ramped up $58 billion in revenue. This would be Apple’s most successful March quarter in history, and most of this success has to do with Apple’s performance in China. As of now China becomes Apple’s second market by revenue, as it brought the company $16.8 million, and leaving Europe as third. The global PC decline hasn’t affected Apple one bit as the company sold a 4.66 million Macs, a 10% increase over the same quarter last year. The only disappointing numbers for Apple continue to be iPads, as the company only sold 12.6 million units during the quarter, a 23% decline compared to the same quarter last year as well.

Sadly those of you that expect statistics on the Apple Watch will have to wait, as the product barely made it to the market a few days ago. So far so good for Apple, but we wonder what the company will do about its tablet lineup.

Source: Apple
Via: Engadget

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