New Samsung Galaxy S6 ad claims it’s cool to be a “Wall Hugger”

There was a time when Samsung spent a good deal of money on an ad campaign that made fun of iPhone users for being “Wall Huggers.” In a way, Samsung was right back then, as the battery life of previous iPhones was terrible, and having a replaceable battery on most Samsung Galaxy devices was an advantage. Now, what happens when tables are turned?

Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 ad spends more than a minute explaining all the charging benefits of the Galaxy S6, and doing all it could in making these features sound cool. The ad explains the benefits of Samsung’s fast charging technology, and how going from zero to 25% in less than 15 minutes is important. It also talks about the wireless charging capabilities of the Galaxy S6, and even shows off Samsung’s battery pack, which as a matter of fact looks identical to a Galaxy S6 Edge. If all that isn’t available, the ad also talks about Samsung’s power saving modes as well.

It’s hard to know if Samsung was always planning to launch this ad as a way to steer customers away from phones with replaceable batteries, but it could also be because most of us are still complaining about the terrible battery life of the Galaxy S6. Overall, that same company that tried to make competitors look bad is now trying to make charging look cool. Do you agree with Samsung, or are you disappointed with these issues on the Galaxy S6? Leave us a comment, and watch Samsung’s “Wall Hugger” ad at the bottom while you’re at it.

Source: Samsung (YouTube)
Via: Android Central

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