Two Galaxy phones coming at MWC, one with wrap-around display, says Bloomberg

We have a deja vu with this report, as there have been numerous in the past claiming the same thing, but this one’s coming from Bloomberg (and its own sources), which gives it a little more credibility, while also lending credence to previous reports that implied the same thing. Bottom line: there will be two different Galaxy phones on March 1, out of which one will have a wrap-around screen.

The information is still based on what “people with direct knowledge of the matter” say, and it also includes the fact that both the Galaxy S6, and its wrap-around display sibling, will have metal bodies. Inside, they will be powered by Samsung’s own chips, which confirms previous rumors we’ve heard that Samsung was planning on ditching Qualcomm for the GS6 (either because of those overheating issues, or because it wants to compete, using its own processors).

While the Galaxy S6 will have a 5.1-inch “front-facing display”, the other device (tentatively called the Galaxy S Edge) will have a 5.1-inch wrap-around screen. This will not be Samsung’s first attempt on using a curved display on a phone, after the Note Edge, which has a curved display only on one side.

Good thing that March 1 is just around the corner! Until then, we’re left with these reports; by the way, what do you think?

Source: Bloomberg

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