Apple’s plans for Beats Music seem more focused on Android

At this point most of us are done trying to predict why Apple would spend $3.2 billion in acquiring Beats. Surely the company’s headphones fit well in Apple’s over-marketed and high-end mentality, but what about the whole Beats Music business? Well, remember those old rumors of Apple wanting to sell iTunes music on Android? It seems Cupertino finally figured out an elegant solution.

To start with the basics, this report starts with the basics, by painting a grim picture for the future of Beats Music on iOS devices. It seems that Apple is planning to ditch the Beats Music brand as a separate service on iOS, and instead building it as a feature of iTunes Music mainly for its human-curated playlists. We’ve even heard that Apple has already replaced all the existing code on the Beats Music app with its own as part of the transition. A positive note for existing Beats customers is that iTunes Match will now support whatever tracks they already have, and match these in the cloud with Apple’s existing library, even though we’re not sure if that will require Beats customers to pay for iTunes Match, or if they’ll get a free year to get this done.

Where Apple benefits with this whole deal, is in utilizing the existing Beats Music platform as a way to reach into other platforms like Android. The report claims that Apple will continue selling the service, and giving it the amount of exposure that it deserves on Android. The price is still not known, but some speculation claims that it’ll cost $7.99 in order to give Spotify, Google Music and Rdio a run for their money.

We may learn more about this whenever Apple announces the Apple Watch, but the report claims that it’s most likely that we’ll hear about this at WWDC 2015 in June.

Source: 9to5Mac

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