Sony’s smartphone division could be seeing massive layoffs

In recent years, Sony has had little trouble producing some of the most stellar smartphones we’ve ever seen, but it has constantly struggled to make the kind of profits it needs off of them. Despite attempts to reshuffle to shift the smartphone group’s fortunes, it continues to not be such a great for Sony, with upper management now looking to remedy the losses with a rather concerning measure. Sony smartphone division layoffs numbering 1,000 will reportedly take effect soon.

Nikkei reports that the 1,000 cuts will be made following the previous summer 2014 removal of 1,000 other employees (an action taken after misfortunes during that time period). The cuts make sense given the struggles the Japanese company’s smartphones have been facing, but it’s disappointing from a consumer standpoint considering how gloomy the future now looks for Sony smartphones.

Add to this the fact that Sony’s Xperia Z3 may not be launching at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this March, Sony could slowly be fading out of relevancy in the smartphone sector, but all hope is far from lost. It is certainly possible that its numbers could be reversed, and we certainly hope for the best as the company heads into the second quarter.

Source: Nikkei / Reuters
Via: Engadget

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