OnePlus gets ready to open One pre-orders next week

Big changes are coming for how smartphone shoppers purchase the OnePlus One, and last month we sat down to look at how this new no-invite required system is going to work. Invite codes will still be valid for those who have them and want to jump to the head of the line, but everyone else will be able to place pre-orders and then wait for OnePlus to produce their handsets. At the time, we knew that this pre-order system was set to get underway sometime late this month, but lacked specifics. With the clock running down on October, those details have finally arrived, with pre-orders opening next Monday, October 27.

Starting then, shoppers will be able to place pre-orders for up to two OnePlus One units. The manufacturer will accept cancellations up until the phones actually ship, giving you plenty of opportunity to change your mind if you find yourself waiting too long or discovering a more attractive phone elsewhere, which might help to smooth things over if you’re still not feeling too wild about these ongoing stock issues OnePlus doesn’t seem able to shake.

But just because pre-orders are starting doesn’t mean that you can relax and place an order at your convenience. Anticipating heavy demand, OnePlus is only keeping this first wave open on Monday for one hour: from 15:00 GMT to 16:00. That’s 11-noon Eastern.

With the OnePlus soon to become easier to buy, will you be purchasing one? Has the phone’s low price started looking a lot more attractive recently, especially with no budget Nexus option this year? Or does the idea of a OnePlus Two launching as soon as Q2 2015 have you hesitant to take the plunge on this year’s model?

Source: OnePlus

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