Moto X+1 new material options pick up retailer support


One of the longest-standing rumors about the Moto X+1, popping up right around the same time we saw evidence for the phone’s name, has concerned the sort of customization options that would be available through Moto Maker. Supposedly we’d see the return of wooden backplates, which sounded nice, but word was we’d also be able to choose from a few leather options. That leather idea returned in subsequent rumors, but we’ve yet to see any firm confirmation. We’re still not quite there yet, but today brings us at least some new circumstantial evidence, as a retialer appears to confirm the availability of those leather options.

Remember back at the end of June, when we caught a Brazilian retailer posting X+1 specs? That same site’s been connected to Moto E leaks, and now we see it back to its old X+1 tricks, posting pre-sale listings for the X+1. Now clearly, we don’t see the full array of Moto Maker options with a third-party retailer like this, but the site does describe at least three X+1 configurations: black, bamboo, and leather.

It’s far from a slam dunk, and doesn’t address the question of what kind of color options that leather choice might enjoy, but with this retailer really starting to build up a reputation for leaking Motorola info (and while the X+1 stuff has yet to be verified, its Moto E renders checked out), we can’t help but take notice.

Besides this Moto X+1 stuff, we also see a listing for a “Moto Titan” that may be the rumored G2. With a five-inch display and what looks to be a Snapdragon 400 SoC, anyway, it sure aligns nicely with previous rumors.

Both the G2 and X+1 are expected to make their debut at Motorola’s September 4 press event.

Source: Livraria Logos
Via: Droid Life


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