HTC One M8 for Windows vs Nokia Lumia 1520: spec showdown


The HTC One M8 for Windows has just gone official, so it’s time to start comparing it to the Windows Phone cream of the crop. Without a doubt the Nokia Lumia 1520 is part of this elite group of Microsoft phones, so we should compare it to the new guy, no? This is HTC One M8 for Windows vs Nokia Lumia 1520.

On paper, the One M8 for Windows does a stellar job keeping up with the 1520. It comes out of the gate by beating out the Nokia’s 1080p 6-inch display with a more pixel-dense 5-inch panel, and continues by edging out the 1520’s processor with a 0.1 GHz boost.

The camera is where the Nokia starts gaining points of its own, as it packs a 20MP beastly PureView sensor as opposed to the UltraPixel (4MP) Duo Camera setup on the One M8 for Windows. The front-facing camera on the One M8 for Windows snags the HTC phone another win, as the 5MP unit beats out the 1.2MP sensor on the Lumia 1520.

Being a big phone though, the Lumia 1520 has quite a large battery — too large for the One M8 for Windows to keep up, being a full 800 mAh greater at 3400 mAh total. The final difference comes by way of the IR blaster setup: the HTC phone has one, while the Nokia skips on it.

Check our full HTC One M8 for Windows vs Nokia Lumia 1520 comparison graphic below.

FINAL one m8 for windows vs lumia 1520


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