Microsoft releases WindUp, yet another Snapchat clone

It seems one of the new trends in the tech world is to copy Snapchat. The company, valued in the billions of dollars, has seen its product influence services such as Facebook’s Slingshot and Instagram’s Bolt, and the latest app to draw inspiration from it is the Microsoft WindUp Windows Phone app.

The app, published by Microsoft Research on the Windows Phone Store, lets you send self-destructing messages (with a timer) to your friends — and not-so-friends, if that’s your thing.

Picture and video messages can be sent, along with regular text. You can also share voice recordings, which does separate the features list from that of Snapchat’s current product.

Other than that, well, this looks and feels like a metro-inspired Snapchat. It’s not too likely that the app will be going too mainstream (because it’s only available on Windows Phone, and Snapchat is so popular anyway), but it’s nice to know that the Microsoft WindUp app is here if we ever need it.

You can download WindUp from the Windows Phone Store link down in the Source area, and ensure that you drop us a comment down below giving us your thoughts on whether Microsoft is crazy to get yet another Snapchat clone hammered out.

Update: blog post from Microsoft helps clear things up: this isn’t intended to be a commercial product, but was simply released by the Microsoft Research team to examine how users will use the app. It isn’t meant to compete with bigger apps like Snapchat, says Microsoft.

Source: Windows Phone Store
Via: PhoneArena

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