Retailer posts Galaxy Note 4 specs: quad HD, 4GB RAM


Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 is in an interesting place right now when it comes to rumors. While we’re likely just three weeks away from its launch, the full picture on the phablet has yet to come together. We’ve got a good general idea of what to expect (being the fourth in a well-established series has a way of doing that), but questions about details abound: what could Samsung be planning for the choice of SoC? Will there really be a wrap-around screen version, a Note Edge? And while we’ve recently had the opportunity to check out some images, they’ve been less than fully convincing. Are we ever going to nail-down the specifics on this hardware, or will we be guessing right up until the last minute? We still may be a little way off from anything really official-looking, but a new retailer listing at least gives us a solid device overview, from which we can start looking for confirmation.

Indonesian retailer Erafone has an early product page up for the Note 4, and offers a pretty comprehensive set of phone specifications. Those include things like a 5.7-inch quad HD display, 16MP main camera with optical stabilization, and a never-before-seen-in-a-phone 4GB of RAM. SoC options are given as a Snapdragon 805 and Exynos 5433, and storage choices should like 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB, all with available microSD expansion.

None of those details are particularly surprising, and even while that 4GB RAM figure may still feel like a longshot, it’s not something we haven’t heard before. The question now is if this is really a retailer working off data provided by Samsung, or just sort of going on the rumors that have arrived to date. And why are there such seemingly complete specs concerning things like band support and WiFi options, yet not a single mention of physical dimensions nor weight?

We might also see this as further support for the idea that the wrap-around Note wouldn’t just be an option on the base model (like the SoC changes, or storage capacity), but would debut as a separate product.

Source: Erafone
Via: Engadget

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