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Designing Android apps made easy – Learn & Master The Fundamentals Of Android Programming

Our internet world is a mobile one.  More and more people are using their mobile devices as a replacement for their bulky computers.   If your web presence isn’t optimized for use on mobile devices, then your prospective audience will go elsewhere.

Now you can stop losing your mobile audience and Learn & Master The Fundamentals Of Android Programming for just $19, a cool 80% off, at the Pocketnow Deal Store.

Did you know that Android has the largest user install base in the world?  It’s true, and it’s growing.  Learning how to design Android applications is a very useful thing to learn now, while the user base is still rabidly growing.

With this course, you’ll get over 105 lectures and 9.5 hours of content.  You’ll receive highly detailed instruction and learn the skills needed to build apps for Android devices –  You don’t even need to have any prior programming experience to take this course!

Read up on the full details, including its terms and conditions, here.

>> Learn & Master The Fundamentals Of Android Programming – 80% Off


Bonus deal:  Universal Car Mount

It happens to all of us.  We have to drop off the kids somewhere, or we get stuck in traffic, or maybe we just slept in.  We’re running late and we have an important call to make.  But that’s ok; we’ll just take that call in the car – Except for the fact that driving while holding a phone is extremely dangerous and, in some jurisdictions, completely illegal!

If you find yourself needing to make calls on the road, do yourself a favor and get the Universal Car Mount, only $14 at the Pocketnow Deal Store.

The Universal Car Mount is a sturdy way to mount your phone so your hands are free to be on the steering wheel where they belong.  It can handle both iPhone and Android devices that measure 5-8cm wide.

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Bonus deal:  ChargeKey

While your mobile devices are extremely handy, their short battery life can sometimes be a nuisance.  How many times have we been away from our home base, low on charge, and no charging cable on hand?  Well, those days are over with ChargeKey, only $24.99 at the Pocketnow Deal Store.

ChargeKey is the ingenious solution to not having a charging cable when you are on the go.  It’s small, it’s thin, and it fits on your keychain so you’ll always have it!  Just plug it into any micro-USB device and the other end into a USB port and you’ll be back to full charge in no time!

>> Get Nomad’s ChargeKey for $24.99

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