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Xiaomi Mi4 in pictures (Gallery)

by Taylor Martin on

Xiaomi has been turning a lot of heads of late. The four-year-old company recently became the fifth-largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, but not without causing a good bit of controversy first. It’s been the target of constant criticism over taking a lot of inspiration from none other than Apple and even caught flak for stealing copyrighted images on its Mi3 product page.

However, the company is maturing and its most recent smartphone lends a great deal of credence to that.

The Mi4 comes with some of the best specifications found in most flagships today, and its stainless steel chassis is forged with the utmost precision. Some have said it resembles the iPhone and, to a degree, it does. But it also resembles the Lumia Icon, has slimmer bezels than the LG G3, and comes with a higher front-facing camera resolution than Sony’s so-called selfie phone. All this, and the Xiaomi Mi4 retails for considerably less than its competition – just $459.99 sans contract.

Below, you will find an up close and personal gallery of the Mi4 showing off some of its software and hardware features. Tell us in the comments if you, too, feel it looks like a mashup of the iPhone 5s and Lumia Icon.



28mobile-g3 We also want to extend a thanks to for lending the Xiaomi Mi4 to us for review. To pick up a Mi4 to call your own or to browse through dozens of other devices for purchase, click here or go!


Xiaomi Mi4 gallery


Xiaomi Mi4 unboxing

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