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The technology world is a fast moving one, and hence, there are more than 100 stories we publish on a weekly basis here on Pocketnow. Those include reviews, videos, editorials, news, and more. With this new, weekly series, we’re making it easier for you to look back at the most interesting, exciting, and popular topics of the week, in case you missed anything.

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iphone-6-render“Hey Bobby. Did you hear the new rumor about the iPhone 6? It’s on all the sites and it’s pretty much the same as all the rest of them but with one new thing. But did you hear it?” Rumors, rumors, rumors abound around this mysterious device that everyone wants to know about. So check it out, you know? It’s ok, folks. The Apple event is scheduled for September 9th, at which time we’ll get a one week reprieve before the iPhone 7 rumors start.

vibe-z2-pro-heroIf you’ve got a hankerin’ for epically massive Android phones, Lenovo is not about to disappoint. A while back, Lenovo teased August 5th as the date to watch, and on August 5th it delivered the Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro. This six inch monster comes packed with a 2K display and all the trimmings. If the camera is your thing, pay close attention because it seems to be Lenovo’s thing too. Give the story a look and bring a towel for the drool.

galaxy-alpha-b-1Our next story has the Samsung Galaxy Alpha showing up in front of the camera. We’ve got some new photos of Samsung’s upcoming next big thing showing off a shiny white coat and metal bands around the edges. We also have some rumors about specifications here so give it a look and let us know if Samsung’s next big thing is your next big phone. I’m sorry. I couldn’t resist. Are you ok? Need an aspirin?

samsung logo 2Samsung is back and it’s unpacking its bags once again in a new teaser image. This teaser seems to…ok, it doesn’t “seem to”, it pretty blatantly tells you that Samsung’s unpacked event at IFA will debut the next generation of Note phone. You can click over to see the graphic if you doubt our interpretation, but it ain’t exactly Stonehenge if you know what I mean. Give it a look and if you have different thoughts, we’d absolutely love to hear them.

blackphone unboxingA week without an unboxing is like a day without sunshine…or something like that. This time Michael Fisher is unboxing the all-new Blackphone. Security to this bad boy is like cameras to a Nokia. First, foremost, up front, and securely in yo’ face! Michael shows us the contents of the box you’ll receive when you order your Blackphone and includes a quick walkthrough of the first power on. Just what is “Silent phone” we wonder…

productivity-appsJoe Levi is back discussing with us the pros and cons of restorations versus clean installations. It’s an interesting thought – which would you rather have? If you could have a cleaner, but more burdensome experience, or an easier but a bit more messy restoration, which would you go for? I know my answer. Click on over and leave yours in the comments.

youtube-playlist-updateIf there is one thing we at Pocketnow can appreciate is a company with a sense of humor. Google has a long history of being one of those companies. All platform preferences aside, any time any company shows us their funny side, we have to stand up and applaud. Google showed us the funny this week and if we do say so ourselves, it’s bloody fantastic. Well played Google. Well played. You just gotta see this.

z-ultra-review-15Taylor Martin just bought the phone he didn’t like so much a year ago. Lolwut? Yessiree. He just went out and bought a Sony Z1 Ultra, the very same phone he gave a scandalously low 7.5 rating one year ago. Let’s put aside the fact that this phone is a year old, why on earth would Taylor have put his own money on the table for this phone? You’ll have to click through and find out. Let it not be said that Taylor doesn’t put his money where his mouth is.

samsung-wrapSamsung has made making a ton of devices and experimenting with new form factors an art form. We love to overtly criticize poke fun at Samsung for throwing devices at the wall to see what sticks, but the only way new trails are blazed is by going out and blazing them. Samsung seems to be doing that again with a wrap around screen possibly destined for the Note 4 or some variant thereof. Could this be the device revolution we’ve been waiting for? There’s only one way to find out – give it a shot.

ipad-mini-rd-review-37Once upon a time, Taylor had a bit on an attention problem when it came to tablets. Oh he used them enough…for a few months, then they’d inevitably end up sold on Swappa, or in a drawer or propping up that old wobbly table, or whatever. But one device brought Taylor into the fold and make him a believer. What device could that have possibly been? Why it’s none other than….Whoa. Read the story and find out.



This week, our videos took you into the future, into the past, and stuck you in the present with more of the same. They’re also all Michael, all the time.

Wearables took a fascinating new turn this week with Michael trying out Motorola’s new unlock tattoos. No body ink required, but the adhesive backed tags that stick and stick and keep on sticking might unlock a new generation of wearable tech. Or they might just unlock your phone. Time will tell.

Next, we take a step back into the past with a throwback review combining Michael’s two favorite things – Windows phone and portrait sliders. The Dell Venue Pro was a Windows Phone smartphone on the bleeding edge in its time, and we give it the full review treatment.

Sprint, not to be outdone by it’s competitor AT&T brings us the Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport smartphone. Most of everything about this smartphone is the same as every other GS5 on the market, but there are some cool software enhancements, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Finally, with the NSA, FBI, LOL, WTF and other lettered organizations all clamoring for your data, the Blackphone might just be your cure. If you don’t want national government agencies knowing that you missed the 6:10 train and now you’ll have to wait for the 6:40, so your wife should keep dinner in the microwave, well, we have good news for you. They don’t care. But on the off chance they did care, the Blackphone will keep them from knowing. Boom.


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