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The technology world is a fast moving one, and hence, there are more than 100 stories we publish on a weekly basis here on Pocketnow. Those include reviews, videos, editorials, news, and more. With this new, weekly series, we’re making it easier for you to look back at the most interesting, exciting, and popular topics of the week, in case you missed anything.

Look for the Pocketnow Week in Review every Saturday morning. It contains the most popular ten stories of the week printed on the portal, as well as top videos from our YouTube channel. Additionally, you can also find our Pocketnow Daily Recap video here (if any), for your convenience, and viewing pleasure.



We crossed the spectrum this week in news, from Windows Phone to new iPhones, from layoffs to wish lists. It was not boring.

SatyaNadellaandStephenElop_WDStarting off, another weekend debate caused a stir when I wondered aloud, “Is it time for Microsoft to abandon Windows Phone?”. In the tradition of the Weekend Debate series, both sides of the case were presented. On the one hand, Microsoft has not seen major success in the four years it has existed. But on the other hand, it has seen nothing but an uptick in adoption. Which side are you on? Click on over, read the dialogue and sound off.

htc one e8 cameraNext, we have some camera samples from HTC’s slightly lower-end One E8. With HTC adopting the odd-but-we’re-getting-used-to-it 4 Ultrapixel (plus one) camera sensor in its flagship, some had high hopes for this phone’s 13 megapixel shooter in its polycarbonate housing. Were these hopes well founded? Michael Fisher takes us on a photo tour of Boston, in both good and bad lighting scenarios, and gives us the results.

iphone-gs5-screenSnarky Samsung ads, targeting iPhone users, are becoming very common, as is their propensity for targeting issues that iPhone users haven’t experienced in a couple of years. But what the heck, they’re all in good fun, right? This week’s Samsung spot targets the iPhone’s small screen – an issue which will likely be addressed in September. Is the iPhone 6 the next big thing? Oh snap, see what I did there?

xiaomi-mi4Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi brought us some fine looking hardware. Both a smartphone and a wearable were the center of this news piece. The Mi 4 smartphone packs flagship specs with sub-Nexus pricing. Even more (and slightly less) interesting is the Mi Band wearable that was announced alongside the Mi 4. I’ll let you click through to the story to see all the details, but the price on the Mi Band is, well, notable.

htc-video-smartwatchEver have one of those “oops” moments, where you accidentally leave your computer unlocked on a website of questionable content, or you say the wrong thing at a party? HTC may have just had one of those in an official video about…something. I mean, I’m sure HTC was trying to say something in its video, but everything flew out the window when a smartwatch appeared on the desk of a person in the video. “Oh, hi HTC. Did you say something? By the way, that’s a nice watch.”

lg-g3-colors-2LG is blazing new trails in the quad HD screen space and it’s trying make that screen just as purty as a pink princess. But in doing so it’s making some of its customers a bit miffed. It seems LG is applying a bit of additional sharpening to its screen to give it that God-this-looks-great effect, but not everyone holding the phone agrees, which makes the inability to turn that sharpening off a bit irksome.

iphone-5-mysteryNext up, Taylor Martin takes us through a quick list of features we wish the iPhone 6 would have. He draws some interesting conclusions about a few of them, including wireless charging and sapphire screens. As it stands, it’s refreshing that these aren’t actual rumors, just a bit of speculation/flights of fancy. It’s a nice change of pace as the release of the new iPhone draws near.

wico6-6Speaking of the 4.7″ iPhone 6, have you been wondering what it will look and feel like when it comes forth? Well, if you have, there is a video you might want to see with one heckuva caveat. This video of an iPhone 6 clone is everything an iPhone 6 might be, with the exception that it doesn’t actually run iOS. Confused? Click on over and read it for yourself.

galaxy-alpha-1The Samsung Galaxy Alpha makes an appearance in the headlines, but instead of the premium model we all hoped for, the latest rumors point to something decidedly more mid range. A 4.7″ 780p screen and a lack of microSD card support round out this bag of disappointment. But, what the heck, at least is has a metal band around it. That counts for something, right?

google-voice-hangoutsFinally, Google Voice seems to be finally merging with hangouts. From one messaging service to another, the marriage of these two seems to have been coming for a long time. Google Voice is a standby to many tech users out there. With a lot of cool features to it, and marrying it to the same tech that we use for the Pocketnow Weekly and Pocketnow Live, increases its stock that much more in our book.



Our video pieces this week have been just as varied from benchmark hotness, to new phone hotness, to review hotness. Joe Levi, walks us through what’s new and exciting in the world on benchmarks. If, that is, anything can be exciting in benchmarks. Michael Fisher gives us a first look at a cheaper HTC One with a (better?) 13 MP camera. A surprising smartwatch review of the Martian Notifier is up next. Spoiler Alert – It’s cooler than you think. Finally, two unboxings round out our video list – for the AT&T LG G3 (say that five times fast) and the Amazon Fire phone. Check all of them out below!

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