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The technology world is a fast moving one, and hence, there are more than 100 stories we publish on a weekly basis here on Pocketnow. Those include reviews, videos, editorials, news, and more. With this new, weekly series, we’re making it easier for you to look back at the most interesting, exciting, and popular topics of the week, in case you missed anything.

Look for the Pocketnow Week in Review every Saturday morning. It contains the most popular ten stories of the week printed on the portal, as well as top videos from our YouTube channel. Additionally, you can also find our Pocketnow Daily Recap video here (if any), for your convenience, and viewing pleasure.



oneplus one review titleGuest editor Christopher Larson walks us through one of the most desired phones on the market – the OnePlus One. Of course it’s really only so highly desired because most people can’t buy one. Christopher walks us through the hardware and software on this high-powered beast and concludes that it’s a great phone, if you can manage to actually get one.

expansys-gpe-saleDisappointed that a number of GPE phones were pulled from the Play Store? Well, I have good news and better news. The phones are back on sale, just not through Google. Steeply (seriously steeply) discounted GPE phones are on sale at a retailer. We’re talking Nexus level pricing for last year’s flagships and no contract. Check out the article for the full details and enjoy!

oneplus-buy-inviteRemember that phone review we talked about two paragraphs ago? Really? Dang, and I thought I had a bad memory. Ok, look up for a second, I’ll wait. Yeah, that’s the one. We had a contest to give away an invitation to buy that phone – admittedly not our most attractive contest – and this post gave you all the details for that. Of course, that contest is over, but we have a new one this week, so keep your peepers peeled for the details.

Xperia-Z3-versus-Galaxy-Note-780Next up, a headline that reminds me of some of our videos. Leaked photos appeared on the internet showing the upcoming Xperia Z3 compared to the original Galaxy Note. Which is bigger? You’ll have to see for yourself. The new phone looks much like its Z2 predecessor with a new changes here and there. Hit up the article to get the full story.

android-l-vs-ios-8Following that, another headline that looks like a video title, but is actually news. An analytics company, App Annie, has released some stats comparing the two giants – the iOS app store and the Google Play store. There are some interesting numbers in there, so I won’t spoil anything here. I think the bottom line is they both make a ton of money, and they’re both huge. Did anyone not know this?

xperia-z1-compact-hero-white-1240x840-20db492519f2618c5539e86c300d1dbbThe Sony Xperia Z1 Compact hit some pretty low pricing over the week. This flagship phone in a pint-sized package was found on an eBay retailer and included free shipping. We’re big fans of the only mini phone to not choke on bad specifications, so naturally we were excited and it just seems right that you were too. Get some more details here and if the sale is still on, get a Z1 compact too.

lumia-1020-durability smallNext up, it looks like the Nokia Lumia 1020 will reach its end of life in the relatively near future. Recent rumors of a 1020 successor take away a bit of the sting, but even so the camera conquering beauty is still one of our top devices, and even carried on the regular by a certain dual-wielding editor we all know and love. Of course, this isn’t the end of the phone’s support. It simply means no more will be made.

samsung-too-manySome lively debate is next on the docket. Our newly-established weekend debate column by yours truly posed a fun question last weekend. Does Samsung release a ton of devices because it’s popular, or is Samsung popular because it releases a ton of devices. From the looks of the comments, this one is still being hammered out by our readers, so make sure to join the debate and let’s see if we can figure this out.

red-n5-offcIf you’re living in a few very specific markets, and you’re carrying a Nexus 5, you might have seen an Android update come to you recently. This update is simply Android 4.4.4 R2. It’s not a major update and there aren’t any flashy new features that you can brag about to colleagues and coworkers, because odds are they wouldn’t care anyway, so just don’t. But it’s an update, so get it, because that’s what we geeks do.

cyan-videoFinally, if you’re rocking a Nokia Windows Phone and eagerly awaiting the Nokia Cyan update, Nokia has published a schedule for release for the next few weeks. Hopefully you won’t have much longer to wait, though my own Lumia 920 in North America indicates the update is “under testing” which makes me oh so sad. Anyway, your time is coming soon. If you’re carrying a Windows phone not made by Nokia…well, sorry.



Over on the video side we have impressions, reviews and a little bit of fun! First up, Taylor Martin gives us his first impressions of the Xiaomi Redmi 1S, a low-budget smartphone from the Chinese manufacturer. Michael Fisher shows give the Samsung Gear Live the full review treatment. Taylor returns to show you three fun things you can do with the Moto X. And finally, our popular 60 second review gives you a brief but comprehensive view of the LG G Watch.

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