Which phone would you choose to use for the next two years? (Poll)


Each year, dozens of new phones are introduced to the market. One has a marginally faster processor than last year’s model; another has a larger display with nearly double the resolution; some other phone gets twice the RAM while this one gets more storage space; and all of them get the latest upgrade to expandable storage support.

Most would agree that, on a yearly basis, upgrading your phone is a waste of money – that the gains of spending several hundred dollars to get a slight improvement over the phone you currently have isn’t worth it.

Frankly, the majority would be right. If I were still using the Moto X I bought last year, I’d be perfectly fine. Or if I hadn’t upgraded from the Galaxy Note II when I felt it start to lose its luster, I’m sure it would still work well enough to get the job done.

But no, you (the tech enthusiast) and I have increasingly short attention spans and the desire to always be current with the latest technology. It comes with the territory, especially in this line of work. I think I’m happy with a phone and feel like I could use it for a year or two without yearning for something else. Then a review unit lands on my doorstep, I get a small taste of this year’s new, and I eventually cave after days of hovering my cursor over an Add to Cart button.

In fact, that’s exactly what happened with my Moto X. Late last year, I used a coupon to pick up a custom Moto X on a discount. It arrived and I thought I’d use it for a year or so, happy with the incredible bargain and a phone tailored to my tastes. Then the One M8 was announced, I reviewed the Verizon model, and a few days after wrapping up that review, I was walking out of a T-Mobile store with a newly financed One M8.

A few weeks back, an interesting question was brought up on the Pocketnow Weekly (and again this past week with more precise parameters): if you had to pick one phone to carry for the next two years, which one would it be?

My instinct is to say I would wait to see what the Galaxy Note 4 is all about. I’ve used every Galaxy Note handset to date and thoroughly enjoyed each of them, and although I detest TouchWiz, the most recent incarnation of it is the most bearable. But the Multi-Window and S Pen combination is a match made in heaven. That feature alone, although it would ultimately marry my user experience with TouchWiz for the next 24 months, would be worth it.

But that’s not the game. If, at this very moment, you had to pick an existing phone to use for the next two years, what would it be? Personally, I’d have to put my money on the One M8. What say you? Take our poll and let us know!

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