Android Wear, Android L, and the mysteriously missing Nexus 8 | Pocketnow Weekly 102 (Hangout)


Update: Well, the below outline is how things were supposed to go … but the fickle finger of Fate is a cruel instrument, as you longtime listeners well know. Unfortunately Daniel Bader was unable to join us due to connectivity problems at Google I/O, and a power outage mid-podcast disrupted the audio track that would have enabled a higher-quality listener download. Next week, folks. Next week it’ll all turn out all right. In the interim, the show can be found below in all formats.

Whether you like computers on your wrist, cardboard smartphones on your face, or a little more dimension in your software, this week’s Google I/O keynote had something for you. From the new Android Wear lineup to the new Material Design initiative, Google’s hardware and software got a great big jump start yesterday, and we’re here to talk about it today on the Pocketnow Weekly.

Since you got most of the Pocketnow team’s perspective in yesterday’s Editorial Roundtable, we’ve decided to broaden things up for the podcast. Joining us to do that are friends of the show from two of our fellow technology outlets: Daniel Bader of MobileSyrup returns to share his hands-on impressions from his time in San Francisco, and Enobong Etteh (aka Thunder-E) from BooredatWork joins us for the first time on the Pocketnow Weekly – on his birthday, no less. We’re mixing all that with a few smartphone giveaway announcements and a heaping helping of listener feedback, and tempering it with the sweet sweet love only mobile technology mavens can dole out. And as if all that weren’t exciting enough, we’re trying a new audio mix for this episode so those who listen after the fact get a better in-ear experience!

If that last bit sounds like a dirty joke, well, you’re in the right mindset for our podcast. Come help us keep the whole thing from blowing up in our face: Join us at 2pm Eastern (click here for your own local time) for Pocketnow Weekly 102, and shoot questions to podcast [AT] pocketnow [DOT] com if you just can’t bear to wait for the Q&A. See you then!

Pocketnow Weekly 102


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June 26, 2014



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Michael Fisher

Daniel Bader (MobileSyrup)

Jaime Rivera

Enobong Etteh (BooredatWork)


Podcast Rundown





Congratulations to our first giveaway winner, Joshua Cooper!

Xiaomi Redmi 1s in the house (thanks, Clifton Thomas!)


Thought Thread

Shane Judelman asks whether the much-ballyhooed Moto 360 will be worth the wait.




Google IO

Google I/O 2014 keynote roundup

This is how you’ll use Android Wear

Google unveils Android L developer preview with Material Design

Nexus 8 could still be coming, but no one seems to know when

Did Google show off an HTC Nexus 9 render?

Google Cardboard is like a DIY Oculus Rift


Tough Spot


G Watch vs Gear Live

A segment about hard choices. On this week’s installment: LG G Watch vs Samsung Gear Live


Listener Mail



E-mailed submissions from BygSii, Justin Eades, Casey Dudek and Daniel Gomez




It may just sound like a ringtone to you, but our transition music track (“Radiation”) is a real song, from a real album, by a real artist: Ali Spagnola. You can download that album, along with many others, at Ali’s website here, visit her YouTube page here, and follow her on Twitter here!

Thanks for listening! See you next week!


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