Google unveils Google Fit platform preview


Google has just announced the Google Fit platform preview as a centralized platform to bring in fitness information from a variety of sensors and apps. Similar to what Apple launched at WWDC, Google also has partners such as Nike, Adidas, HTC, and Motorola. There are even more partners, but we won’t bore you with the full list here.

We aren’t sure if Google Fit will end up becoming a standalone app from Google, but seeing as that it pulls in data from a variety of different apps and services, we’re thinking that’s not the case. You’ll likely be able to use the fitness app of your choice with the fitness device of your choice, providing both are Google Fit platform preview-ready.

Google toted the fact that Nike will make Nike Fuel points available to users of other bands if they use the Google Fit platform preview-compatible Nike app. We’ll surely be hearing more about Google Fit soon, so stay tuned.

Anyone here excited for Google Fit? Or is HealthKit more of your thing?

Source: Google

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