HTC may be running this “GS5 looks like a Band-Aid” complaint into the ground (Poll)


So far today we’ve had a couple opportunities to talk about the Galaxy S5’s design. First there was that special edition GS5 LTE-A for South Korea with a new back panel featuring a diamond pattern. And then we got to check out the new Galaxy S5 Sport for Sprint, and while that looked a bit more like the original GS5 than the GS5 Active, it turned the phone’s dotted back pattern on a 45 degree angle, tweaking its appearance in the process. We pay such attention to these changes in part because the GS5’s original spotted pattern found itself attracting a lot of critics. And as we check out the latest attack on the GS5’s look from HTC, we find ourselves wondering if the company’s not just beating a dead horse by this point.

It wasn’t long after the GS5 launched before we saw a lot of derisive comments being made about its look – and specifically, how the gold GS5 resembled a Band-Aid. HTC was quick to join in on those efforts, and the company’s Jason Mackenzie retweeted some of those Band-Aid comparison pics.

Even after the One M8 launched, HTC still kept up with this bandage comparison, and a tweet going out just about a month back invited smartphone fans to “rip off the Band-Aid” and get themselves a One M8. Today the company adds to all these with its latest burn on the GS5, the image above, posted with the tagline “one of these things is not like the other.”

We get it, HTC. The GS5 looks kind of wonky. And kind of like a Band-Aid. But at this late point, with both the GS5 and One M8 on the market for months, is that really the sharpest jab you can make at your competition?

What do you guys think? Does HTC still have a point about the GS5’s design? Or is the company stuck getting hung-up on this one minor aspect of the Galaxy S5’s construction when it should be doing a lot more to attract customers to the M8?

Source: HTC (Twitter)
Via: BGR

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