Google Glass confirmed to be coming to the UK


Wearables are shaping-up to be a major focus of Google I/O this year, and with the conference just about ready to get underway, we’re not far from learning what Google has to share. One rumor we recently checked out concerns availability of Glass, and instead of tackling the usual “when will this become affordable and easy to buy” question, it looked to the issue of international availability: when would anyone but curious wearables enthusiasts in the US get a change to call Glass their own? We heard about a couple nations that might be on the short list for getting Glass next, including the UK and Japan, and now some new evidence has turned up that seems to also hint at UK availability.

Google helpfully keeps a list of which of its Google Play devices are available where: who can buy Nexus phones, Play edition models, and even Nest devices. At the bottom of that list we see Google Glass, and Google notes that the product is available in the United Kingdom.

The thing is, that’s very odd – specifically because the UK is listed alone. We could understand seeing both the UK and US listed here, but the US is altogether absent – and we know that Glass very much is being sold to US shoppers.

So is this just a database glitch? Someone checked the box for UK when they meant to hit US? We pulled up a cached copy to check, but even as of yesterday the entry for Glass appears to be missing entirely, giving us nothing to compare against. That might be noteworthy in and of itself – Glass’s addition to this list – and could similarly foretell news of a new retail push for Glass.

But then there’s also another Glass support page, updated as of today, that specifically states “Glass is currently authorized for use in the United States and United Kingdom.” It’s looking like the international spread of Glass is all but confirmed.

Update: Well that confirms it. There’s also a product page, where Glass is listed for 1000 GBP, along with an announcement post from Google.

glass-ukSource: Google 1,2
Via: Android Police


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