Buy an NVIDIA SHIELD and get free Google Play credit using this deal


Looking to splurge on a game console for a little summertime gaming? The NVIDIA SHIELD is without doubt one of the best options, and it seems like it has been getting better all the time, with updates and new games coming in at a steady pace. In case the already-discounted price wasn’t enough to convince you to drop the cash, though, this additional Google Play offer may just do the trick.

The SHIELD itself is $199 as part of a limited-time NVIDIA offer, which some may argue is already a great price for the level of hardware you get out of it, but using a special link you’ll be able to get an extra $25 on top. This isn’t part of any NVIDIA promo, though — it’s clear that the below link is a referral code from a SHIELD owner, so this is more than likely a win-win situation. While you’re probably helping out an unknown benefactor by using the below link, hey, it’s free Play Store credit.

While the Play credit can be applied toward games to enhance your experience with the console, it’s important to note that music, movies, books, and other apps can also be bought using the extra dough. Unfortunately, this credit cannot be applied toward devices on Google Play.

The SHIELD is also nearly a year old at this point, and rumors of an updated model have been in the air. If you’re a spec-junkie, you may want to wait it out.

Get in on the NVIDIA SHIELD deal by clicking through the purchase link below (you must use this link, as going through regular retail channels won’t do the trick for you).

Purchase link: NVIDIA SHIELD (with $25 Google Play credit)
Via: Android Police

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