If “Prime” smartphones are truly better, they should come out first


Remember how excited you were? Think back. Think way back to February in the year two thousand fourteen – seems like ages ago doesn’t it – and how exciting it was for Samsung to be launching its newest flagship device, just under a year after the GS4 hit the stage. Are you harkening? Do you feel the thrill? The excitement?

You don’t?

Well good, you shouldn’t. Because it all meant absolutely zero, zip, zilch. That’s right, it’s ‘Prime’ time people. No, not the time when your favorite show – Dancing with the American Ninja Idol Warriors is on. No, it’s time for Samsung to upend the apple (no pun intended) cart and throw an even more spec’ed out piece of hardware out to the masses and get even more juices flowing…now that your check for the GS5 has cleared that is.

Samsung isn’t the only culprit here. It’s just the most recent (and frankly the most likely) announcement to hit the feeds to that’s the teet we’re going to suckle. But HTC is just as guilty, except now they’re rethinking this strategy, because they got a lot of extra money to waste on R&D, so…ya know…awesome.

But what it boils down to is this – I don’t have a problem with A Galaxy S5 Prime, or an HTC Prime, or an iPhone Prime for pete’s sake. Just release the darn thing first and make that your flagship. Some will argue that the GS5 Prime or whatever it’ll be called will be released in South Korea only. Well, first of all, as Stephen correctly points out in that linked article, I’ll believe it when I see it. Second of all, it will still be available for those who want it. And spec-heads will want it.

I don’t think we’re asking too much that an OEM put its best foot forward initially. This just seems too much like a disingenuous move by Samsung. Going up on stage at a world mobile show no less and saying, “This is the best smartphone we have to offer,” and then releasing a better one less than half a year later is a very not cool move.

But hey, this is Samsung. It’s not like another phone is an insane idea. It’s just Samsung being Samsung. And if HTC did indeed cancel its plans for its prime phone, then I guess no harm done, eh?

What do you think? Are you feeling burned by all this? Or do I just have misplaced angst? Sound off below and let us know what you’re thoughts are on this superphone that may be.

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