Privacy-centric Blackphone nears ship date


Who’s reading your emails? Browsing your contacts? Watching over your shoulder as you interact with websites? As smartphones become the hub for the majority of our conversations, anyone interested in keeping his or her life private has to start thinking hard about just how much they trust their phones to keep their info secure. Back near the start of the year we first heard about the Blackphone, a handset being developed by GeeksPhone and Silent Circle with the express purpose of giving users the tools they need to keep their communications private. We’ve been following its progress towards market, including news of a big investment in the company last month, and now we’re nearing the home stretch, as we learn that the Blackphone will start shipping next month.

The plan was to make the phone available to supporters who were early backers of the project sometime in June, but last week word went out that shipments were still about three weeks off. That likely places us in the first week of July before the smartphone starts arriving in the hands of privacy-minded users, which is close enough to the target release as far as we’re concerned.

According to Silent Circle, we’ll also soon see carriers offering the Blackphone for that same $629 price pre-orders went for, although we’re still curious to learn if that will extend beyond the European carriers we’ve already heard mentioned and might generate some US interest – in any case, you can always pop in a SIM and use it on the compatible GSM network of your choice.

It’s been over a year now since the first Snowden leaks got this latest privacy buzz going; are you still interested in a privacy-focused smartphone like the Blackphone, or have you just learned to live with the uncertainty that someone may be snooping on your phone?

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Via: phoneArena

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