Apple iWatch is in the making, says company employee


Apple allegedly has its best product pipeline in 25 years, and it now seems one of these extraordinary products will be the elusive iWatch. While the name “Apple iWatch” is entirely still a rumor, the fact that the company is working on a wrist-mounted wearable is now not — an Apple staffer has confirmed that a smartwatch is in the works.

In a profile of Cook done by The New York Times, numerous employees of the company were interviewed. Topics ranged from how Apple has changed post-Steve Jobs, all the way to the iWatch. Here’s the exact quote:

They point to the development of the so-called iWatch — the “smartwatch” that Apple observers are eagerly awaiting as the next world-beating gadget. Mr. Cook is less involved in the minutiae of product engineering for the watch, and has instead delegated those duties to members of his executive cabinet, including Mr. Ive..

Yes, friends, it has been confirmed. Though these mysterious Apple staffers didn’t care to divulge more information about the iWatch, we do know a tad bit about it. Jony Ive, the Cupertino company’s design maestro, is very much in the loop, as are other Apple execs.

The last we heard of it, multiple credible sources predicted the launch of the Apple iWatch to be in October. Anyone looking forward to seeing Apple’s first true wearable?

Source: The New York Times
Via: Redmond Pie

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