Google could be teasing arrival of Android 5.0 – maybe


Android 2.0 made its debut in 2009. Both Android 3.0 and 4.0 surfaced in 2011. And ever since, we’ve been wondering when we might see Google move things forward to Android 5.0. But despite rumor after rumor over the years, we’ve been seeing 4.x release after 4.x release. Google I/O’s just a couple weeks away; is there any chance that 5.0 might be on the menu? We’re asking ourselves that question again this afternoon, after checking out what just might be an effort by Google to tease the new release’s launch.

These images up top were posted to Twitter by Google’s official account yesterday afternoon, showing how Google Now can bring users the latest World Cup scores. That’s well and good, but we’re interested in what’s going on with the clock in these pics. As you can clearly see up on the status bar, it’s set precisely to 5:00.

We often look to renders like these to drop clues about upcoming launches – maybe the date in a leaked press shot corresponds with the manufacturer’s plans to introduce a new handset. Google’s made a habit out of using the time in such images to represent Android version numbers: we’ve seen 4:40, 4:30 and so forth on recent Nexus models – the 5, 7, and 10 all currently show 4:40 in their Play Store listings.

If this were 5:03 or something (or the 9:50 used in some other renders Google published yesterday) we might be able to dismiss it as just a random time of no consequence, but precisely 5:00 sure would fit with Google’s pattern of referencing Android builds.

For the moment this is all just a theory, but we’ve got to admit it sounds decently plausible; maybe we are just weeks away from getting the scoop on Android 5.0.

Source: Google (Twitter)
Via: Droid Life

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