Pebble Steel meets brick-and-mortar retail sales this weekend


Pebble introduced the Pebble Steel this past winter as a sleeker, slightly more capable, and all around just better-looking version of last year’s popular smartwatch. Really, it took most everything we liked about the original and refined it – just what we’d expect from a second-generation model. But right from the beginning, availability was an issue, and even once Steel went up for order, users could find themselves waiting months and months to get their hands on a unit. The situation has greatly improved by this point, but what if you don’t feel like waiting at all; what if you want that new Pebble Steel on your wrist today? Last July, we saw Pebble expand from online-only to brick-and-mortar sales, and today we learn of Pebble Steel making the same transition.

Just as Best Buy was the first to get its hands on the Pebble last year (though we subsequently saw availability extend to additional retailers), it’s back at the lead of this new Pebble Steel charge, with the smartwatch coming to both Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile locations this Sunday, June 15.

And while Pebble Steel is still listed at about $250 on Pebble’s own web storefront, Best Buy will be selling the watch for closer to $230 – but before you get too excited about that, the Best Buy version will only come with a leather strap, while orders directly from Pebble arrive with both metal and leather options. Pebble says that the metal strap will eventually be available as a separate accessory, but it hasn’t announced pricing yet, and we have to admit that doesn’t seem like the best arrangement for a shopper who didn’t want the leather band in the first place.

In addition to picking up the Pebble Steel, Best Buy is also adding to its selection of plastic Pebble models with the arrival of the watch’s white option, in addition to the black and red it already sold.

Source: Pebble

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