Google Glass update lets users follow the World Cup


The Google Glass updates keep rolling on in, with the version XE18.1 update just announced to add more features to the face-mounted wearable. The team from Mountain View has thrown in better photo sharing, Google Now cards for the World Cup, to track packages, and, so you don’t forget where you parked, and a low battery notification.

First off, the MyGlass app has been given an update. Whenever you take a picture with Glass, it instantly becomes available on the Android MyGlass app for quick editing and sharing. While some may protest the move of features away from the Glass unit itself, sometimes the comfort of a bigger screen can entirely be worth it. The same feature for the iOS MyGlass app is allegedly on the way.

Next up are a couple new Google Now cards — there is now one for keeping on top of the World Cup, tracking packages, and to remember your parking spot. The World Cup card will notify users of upcoming matches, matches in progress, standings within the division, and final match scores.

The package tracking card will notify when packages sent to your Google email account ship or are delivered, which is a handy feature from our testing on Android and iOS.

The parking location card will let you know where you parked, in case you make the human mistake of being unable to pinpoint the exact location of your car. It’s quite similar to a feature Apple’s Maps app is expected to get soon.

Finally, users will get notifications through their MyGlass app if their battery level dips below 20%, which surprisingly was not present before.

The XE18.1 update doesn’t look to be rolling quite yet (and neither is the MyGlass update), but we’re expecting to see both commence shortly.

Source: Google Glass (Google+), Google

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