T-Mobile LG G3 images leaked, along with possible release timing


The LG G3 has been mercilessly outed by various sources until now, and it seems the leaks will continue right up until the May 27 reveal of the device. Today we are seeing two sources show imagery of a T-Mobile model of the G3, and both have offered up more details about the device.

lg g3 user interface

First of all, we are getting a glimpse of more of the user interface. According to one of the images obtained by TmoNews, we are dealing with a user interface quite similar to the one we saw on the G2 last year, though this one features a couple notable points. First of all, this T-Mobile variant will feature WiFi calling as expected.

Second, take a look at the home screen indicator dots down below. See the left-most logo? Yes, that’s not a regular old dot — we have discovered that, in these pictures, there is the LG “G” symbol instead. This is similar to how the Google Now Launcher works. We think it is unlikely that LG will reveal a Google Now competitor, but it’s definitely not out of the question. We see references to “Smart Notice” in the clock/weather widget, so it would not surprise if we do indeed find ourselves a new Google Now challenger.

lg g3 battery sd cardIn terms of the hardware, here’s what our first source has to provide. First of all, it looks we have a removal battery behind the back cover, and what could potentially be a microSD card slot (we are thinking up to 128GB of expansion will be available if what we see is indeed what we suspect. The battery itself is 3,000 mAh apparently, lending credence to earlier rumors.

The phone itself is a “lunchbox” unit, meaning it is covered in a case so as to hide the design of it. Granted, we already have had many glimpses of the design, but LG is at least making an effort to hide it.

Benchmarking, though generally not the most accurate tool for determining how well hardware performs, does provide information about how well a device does in general. From a picture of what looks to be an AnTuTu benchmark, we think we can deduce that this device will have a Snapdragon 801. Sorry, gigahertz-lovers, but we aren’t so sure that this upgraded silicon will perform so similarly to current offerings.

evleaks lg g3 antutu benchmark

 The device is reportedly slated for a mid-to-late June launch, though the launch conference is on Tuesday, May 27. Many, many more pictures were posted by both sources, so be sure to check them out at the links down below.

Sources: @evleaks, TmoNews

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