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Even though we are a few months out from its CES announcement at this point, you may still be interested in LG’s Lifeband Touch fitness tracker. The time period between then and now has not done much to make the device bad, though — it does everything you would expect out of a fitness tracker of its caliber at its price, and moreover, it works with more than just a select bunch of Samsung devices (I’m looking at you, Gear 2).

In case you haven’t been paying close attention, we have you covered. The Lifeband Touch features a 0.9″ OLED touch-screen display with a resolution of 128×32, and while the pixel density is outrageously low when compared to modern smartphones, this isn’t exactly meant to be a replacement. It also has all the usual fitness tracker quirks — steps, distance, speed, workout run time, calories burned, pace, and more can be measured by the device.

The Lifeband Touch also shows call and text message notifications right on its display, handy for when you are in the middle of an intense workout. The battery offers a 2 to 3 day lifetime while connected to a device via Bluetooth, and 5 days when you are using it standalone. The unit also has a 3D accelerometer, and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity (with Low Energy support). It is compatible with LG’s iOS and Android Fitness app, as well. Be sure to check out our hands-on of the Lifeband Touch to learn more.

In terms of availability, Best Buy is stocking it both on its website and in stores. The retailer is offering both medium and large versions, and both are priced at $149.99 in the U.S.

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Via: Droid Life

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