Samsung Galaxy Note 4 rumors tackle screen details: how big will it be this year?


The first Samsung Galaxy Note introduced us to the world of phablets with its (then gigantic) 5.3-inch display. A year later, the Note 2 upped the ante to 5.5 inches, and the Note 3 kept pushing things higher with a 5.7-inch screen. At this point, we’re probably just a few months away from the launch of the Note 4, so what should we be expecting? Another 0.2-inch increment, or have things gotten as big as they’re going to? And what about resolution; with these GS5 prime rumors and all, is it also the Note’s turn to more to quad HD? Answers may already be within reach, as a new rumor attempts to shed some light on Samsung’s display choices for the Galaxy Note 4.

According to this source, we’re staying put at 5.7 inches. At some point, Samsung was probably going to have to put a lid on the Note, lest it start elbowing in on Galaxy Mega territory, and this looks like where we’re drawing the line.

But even if the display itself doesn’t grow, it does seem like we’re in store for a resolution bump, with the Note 4 indeed getting a 2K, quad HD component.

Still, these raw measurements may not tell the Note 4’s whole story. What about that talk of a “new form factor” for this year’s Note? Or if those rumors of a wrap-around screen pan out, how would we even express that size? Surely, a single diagonal measurement wouldn’t sufficiently describe what we’re looking at. So while today’s leak definitely gives us a more solid base to work off of, these unanswered questions limit our ability to make full sense out of these rumored specs.

Finally, this marks the return of Samsung model number SM-N910 in conjunction with Note 4 rumors; feeling confident about that connection, we’ll be keeping a closer eye out for that number in the future.

Source: GSM Arena

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