Apple claims that Samsung is “being difficult” about lawsuit negotiations


Apple and Samsung are clearly not just famous for the partnerships that make most of Apple’s mobile devices possible, but also because of how much each company fights in court. We’ve already learned what judges and juries think about the patent allegations between both companies, where Apple mostly turns-out victorious, but we also know that each company is being instructed to find a more amicable route to fixing these problems. If you’re wondering where these negotiations stand at the moment, well, let’s just say you won’t be surprised at what’s going on.

Each company has issued a statement to the court with a status, and it seems that neither company is happy with how the other is behaving with the negotiations. On one hand, Apple’s attorneys are clearly angry at Samsung for calling them “jihadist,” aside from also calling this recent lawsuit Apple’s Vietnam, even though Apple won for the most part. Apple is considering negotiations to be difficult if it continues feeling attacked by Samsung over the trial resolutions.

Samsung isn’t happy either, as the company claims that Apple is “posturing about Apple’s purported trial victories and demanding that Samsung agree to various conditions” in order to begin any negotiations.

All in all, this has gone nowhere. We’ve seen how Apple has reached significant negotiations with Motorola recently regarding patents, so we wonder where the bottle neck is here?

Source: US District Court (Scribd)
Via: Android Central

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