Apple-Motorola patent war comes to a settlement

Fights over patent licensing aren’t about to be on their way out. One of the more high-profile ones recently has been the AppleMotorola patent war.

It seems this particular one has taken an odd twist, however — apparently, both Apple and Motorola have gone ahead and voluntarily dismissed the suit, without a cross-licensing agreement between the two. Reuters notes that the two are working together on patent reform.

Something worth noting is the ongoing purchase of Motorola Mobility by Lenovo. Motorola’s current owner is Google, who will retain Motorola’s patents post-purchase.

Also of note is the fact that this is simply one of many major tech patent suits which have been ongoing in the past — notably, HTC, Samsung, and Apple have all been involved in high-profile cases.

This particular case began in 2010, and the companies warred about things such as the method by which phones connect to 3G networks. It is nice to see a patent suit finally not drag on for the rest of eternity, for sure.

Source: Reuters

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