Samsung Hub going away according to company executive


Many Samsung phones have come with features and apps that are absolutely unnecessary. One of these is Samsung Hub, the company’s take at a Google Play clone. According to a Tweet sent by company employee Philip Berne, Samsung Hub is on its way out the door.

Though most users likely opt for Google’s services rather than Samsung’s, this is most certainly a big deal. Samsung definitely put effort into getting the infrastructure necessary for Samsung Hub together, and likely are still spending a significant chunk of money to keep it running.

This news doesn’t entirely surprise us, though — Samsung Hub was apparently not present on the company’s latest flagship, the Galaxy S5, anyway.

Suspiciously, this all ties in nicely with reports that Google had asked Samsung to scale back TouchWiz and the company’s other competitive infrastructure. If Samsung Hub is indeed going away as Berne says, we could be dealing with some behind-the-scenes deals between the two.

It could be that, if this rumor holds true, Samsung could simply continue with not adding Samsung Hub as a pre-installed app as they did with the Galaxy S5. If this is the case (and Samsung isn’t entirely killing off the service), then there isn’t anything new.

Another possibility is that Berne misspoke. The Tweet has been pulled at the time of writing, which makes us think that one of two things occurred. The first scenario is that Samsung isn’t quite ready to let the world know about this, and the second is that Berne simply did not have his facts straight.

If Samsung Hub is indeed going away entirely, though, we don’t yet have a timeframe.

Source: Philip Berne (Removed Tweet)
Via: SamMobile

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