Oculus hires key Google Glass engineer


Google Glass may be facing some hurdles even before it becomes available to the public. Adrian Wong, lead electrical engineer for Google Glass, is heading over to a new company — Oculus.

Wong, who was at Google since 2010, has made the departure to begin “Building the Metaverse” over at Oculus (which, by the way, was recently acquired by Facebook). He officially departed on May 2, posting his au revoir on Facebook, fittingly.

According to Wong’s LinkedIn profile, he was the Senior Hardware Engineer for Google Glass’s Explorer edition, working on “end-to-end rapid prototyping, display subsystem design and HDI PCB layout.”

Wong is no slouch when it comes to patents, too — according to a quick Google Search, Wong is listed as the holder of more than 10 patents.

Because we don’t know exactly what Wong brought to the table at Google[x] (the moonshot division of Google), we can’t say for sure yet how this will affect Glass going forward. What we do know is that Oculus has made a good acquisition here, and that leaves us excited for getting our hands on their virtual reality products.

Source: Google, Adrian Wong (LinkedIn), Adrian Wong (Facebook)
Via: TechCrunch
Image source: Adrian Wong (Facebook)

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