NVIDIA Tegra K1 seems to defeat the Snapdragon 801in benchmarks


NVIDIA has done a lot in the last two years in order to gain some traction in the mobile space. After the disappointments of the Tegra 3, and the lukewarm reception of the Tegra 4, it’s clear that the company needed to deliver on its promise of giving us the best mobile processor the market could ask for. This year we saw the NVIDIA Tegra K1 announced at CES, and after almost six months since this announcement, we finally saw the Xiaomi Mi Pad announced with it today, and now that it’s been benchmarked, we have something to talk about.

In new benchmarks, the Tegra K1 was compared to the new kids in town, like the Snapdragon 801 processor and even its existing Tegra 4 processor. In each of these tests you’ll notice that the Tegra K1 is far superior than the Snapdragon 801, though there could be a catch to these tests. First of all, we know that even the Tegra 3 made any other processor look bad in benchmarks, but didn’t wow anybody in real-world use. In that same fashion, the Tegra K1 will be available in both 32 and 64-bit architectures, so it’s hard to know if these tests were conducted under fair grounds.

Whatever the case may be, hopefully the Tegra K1 delivers on its promise, not only in numbers, but also in devices adopting it this year.


Source: evolife.cn
Via: Phone Arena

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