LG finally has a chance for a huge hit with the G3


When it comes to smartphones, LG is one of the underdogs. I’ve personally liked LG since back in the days when I built custom computers for a living. When given the choice, we’d go with an LG optical drive when we needed something good, but the name brand wasn’t of paramount importance. Later, I ran the Returns Department for that company. It was my job to take defective products and get them repaired or replaced by whoever made them. LG had a very low return rate, and it was easier than most others when something needed to be replaced.

I always kept my eye on LG as it started making inroads into the smartphone arena, but it wasn’t until LG built the Nexus 4 that I really stood up and took notice. Other than its glass back, it was a remarkable device. We still have two of them in the family, both are still working just fine. When LG was tapped to make the next Nexus, the Nexus 5, I was equally enthused. To this day, it’s still the best Android I’ve ever gotten my hands on.

Some might argue that’s just the “Nexus” showing through. Although that’s a good point, the Optimus G, and G2 are both very respectable phones. Even my mother-in-law has a G2, and let me tell you, she is very pleased with it… and I’m happy to play with it work on it any time she needs me to.


The LG G2 and the Nexus 5 are “last year’s phones”. Since time, as well as specs, march ever onward, something new is just around the corner. If the rumor mill is accurate, we might see the LG G3 announced on May 27, 2014 — basically two weeks from now!


As you might expect in this industry, the leaks have been coming at somewhat predictable intervals and we know a lot about the LG G3 already — at least we think we do. If the rumors hold true, LG finally has a chance for a huge hit with the LG G3!

Beautiful Display

One of the most important components in our smartphones is the display. We look at it all the time. We touch it. We interact with it.

There was a time when we longed for a 720P HD display. When we finally got it we thought we’d finally “arrived”. Then there were rumors of a 1080P screen coming to the next generation of phones. We laughed at them. Who would ever need a 1080P screen in their phone? “Need”, as it turns out, is a very subjective term. I look at my current phone with its 1080P screen and am glad that I don’t have to put up with that low-resolution 720P screen from yesteryear!

Now, however, we will be seeing something even more stunning: a 5.5-inch, quad-HD display running at 2560 x 1440: almost 3.7 million pixels of pure awesomeness. That’s not much of a rumor anymore. Instead, all the same questions are being asked again: Who would want a screen with that resolution? What possible benefit could a screen with that resolution offer? How much more power would that kind of screen consume? And so on.

To answer these questions, I simply refer back to 2012 when we were asking the same questions of 1080P — which is now a standard in flagship phones.

Quality Feel

Glass sure does look good on the back of a phone, and it’s very nice when it comes to letting things like radio waves through. When it comes to durability, however, glass is, well, “fragile” — to put it bluntly.

OEMs have struggled with making a plastic backing (or “polycarbonate”, or “polymer”, or whatever other name for “plastic” you want to use) durable and luxurious. Occasionally they’re called “slimy”, or are compared to adhesive bandages, but more often than not they just feel “cheap”. That’s not something you want from your high-priced smartphone, is it?

lg g3 leaked pics backTo combat this, OEMs have generally turned to aluminum. It’s lightweight, relatively strong, and with the right surface treatment it can be pretty user-friendly, too! For me it comes as no surprise that the LG G3 may very well sport a curved, brushed aluminum back plate. I can’t tell you how much this excites me!

Under the Hood

Here’s where we get a little more speculative — leaked images rarely tell us what hardware is under the hood. So far we’re pretty sure that the LG G3 will be powered by a Snapdragon 801 processor, come with 3GB of RAM, be available with at least 32GB of storage, and will come with some “other goodies”.

Those “other goodies” have us all scratching our heads though. Looking on the back of the phone we see an odd “thing” where the power button on the G2 was positioned. It doesn’t look like a power button, but just what does it look like?

Some have mused that it looks like a laser. To others they see a Lightsaber. Some think it’s a heart rate monitor. Others imagine a range-finder, IR blaster, or even a thermometer. I don’t know about you, but I think this whole “fingerprint scanner” thing is a trend — it’s just too insecure! Could this be an LG branded DNA extractor? Talk about secure logins!

In all seriousness. Even if the phone misses the “perfect” mark, looking at what we expect the G3 to be, LG could finally win big with this generation of its flagship phone… let’s just hope it comes in a Google Play Edition!

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