LG G3 leaked pics show the back may no longer be a fingerprint magnet


One of the most hated parts of the LG G2 was the fact that its rear was made of sealed plastic. Many users complained about the fact that the phone felt slimy and was hard to handle in use as a result, and it seems LG has been paying attention.

New alleged LG G3 leaked pics show that we are no longer dealing with the same material, but rather a brushed, chrome surface.

Apart from the surface, the new images show us that a removable back is present on the G3, unlike the G2 from last year. The battery also looks to be easily hot-swapped, so aftermarket additions should not be an issue.

The final thing shown to us by these new pictures is the fact that the G3 is likely to feature a micro SIM card, not that it matters much anyway.

The new pictures are by no means official confirmation, but given the track record of the leaker, we are likely dealing with correct information.

LG’s G3 is set to be made official in just a few weeks, when we can finally know for sure whether the rumors have been correct.

lg g3 sim slot leaked picture removable back battery

Source: evleaks

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